Shishu   the Japanese Garden tradition
DVD - 53 mins
Intuition and feeling in the Japanese Garden Tradition - illustrated by haiku from 1200 yrs of Japanese poetry, with original music from WOMAD artist Joji Hirota and with stunning images from the temples and gardens of Kyoto, Shishu (Poetic Beauty) sets out to capture the mesmerising mystique of actually being in those gardens. Drawing deep from one of the world's oldest garden traditions, it offers a profound insight into the intuitive appeal of Kyoto's gardens and the legendary beauty of the Japanese aesthetic. Comment from contemporary garden master, Yasub Kitayama, from Kyoto Design Lecturer, Marc Keane, and from leading UK Japanese garden designer, Robert Ketchell

Original music by Joji Hirota
1. prologue (00:00)
2. nature and man as sacred (03:30)
3. origins - the Japanese garden aesthetic  (09:33)
4 zen garden culture (18:10)
5. the tea garden (29:48)
6. the Edo garden onwards (34:44)
7. the heart in the garden (43:15)
8.  koi epilogue (51:02)
Total Film Length 53mins

On the evening of every full moon, between half a million and a million people make their way to the small Indian town of Tiruvannamalai for a ritual pilgrimage around Mt Arunachala. Walking barefoot for 14kms, it is an awesome display of devotion. Filmed in the major temple towns of South India, this film reveals and explains the roots of Indian spirituality that have nourished the region for thousands of years, The colour, clatter, and the sights and sounds of everyday India are depicted against intense sacred ritual and awe inspiring architecture highlighting the relationship between the spiritual and the everyday worlds. It is both a journey through spiritual India and a journey of the individual soul, an enquiry into, 'The Self' that is ever-free, limitless and unchanging. With comment from Swami Suddhananda and Roger Housden, author of 'Travels Through Sacred India', the handbook of spiritual travellers in India.

a journey in spiritual India   The Unchanging Self 
DVD - 67 mins

1. pilgrimage around Mt Arunachala (00:00)
2. the manifest world (02:29)
3. shiva, nataraj and the elements  (13:17)
4. ritual - realising the sacred (24:39)
5. yogas, ashrams, gurus and disciples; (34:04)
6 mountain, temple and deity as sacred (44:50)
7 the self as sacred (55:48)
Total Film Length 67mins


Passeggiata   a day in the Theatre of Beauty
DVD - 70 mins
Dawn breaks over the rooftops of Rome, a perfect sunrise over the Ionian Sea, a fisherman slowly punts across Lago Trasimeno, the last snow lies on Mt Etna, a church bell tolls... governments come and go, the economy struggles for survival, a new president is inaugurated, Chinese imports squeeze the Italian fashion industry, but smell the coffee, the food and wine are wonderful and life is good as scandal ridden Italian football makes it to the World Cup final...welcome to another day in the Theatre of Beauty!
The colour and complexity of Italian culture is portrayed through real life imagery that speaks for itself.  A rich textured visual & musical soundscape of Italian life filmed in Bologna, Calabria, Roma, Siena, Sicilia, Toscana & Umbria.  Occasional interview comment.  

Music by virtuoso guitarist Antonio Forcione
1. 05.00  Prima Luce - Espresso (00:00)
2. 09.30 Lavoro - Assis - Studs & Shades, Bikes & Babes (09.12)
3. 13.00 Pranziamo - Siesta (22:19)
4. 16.00 Presidente - Foro - Palio - Toscana - Processione (29:24)
5. 19.00 Passegiata - Opera Rossa - Tramnoto (47:58)
6. 21.00 The Beautiful Game - Luna - Gelati (53:02)
7. 24.00 La Notte-Fontana (63.35)
Total Film Length 70mins

The story of Sfakia is the story of Crete - physically isolated for many centuries by the wild and rugged mountains of South West Crete, the people of Sfakia developed a great strength of spirit that was the heart of the long struggle for Cretan independence. The story of Sfakia is the story of its people - through their voices the social and family life of the region is depicted against the powerful events of the past and the mass tourism of the modern era.  Amongst the busy tavernas, bustling ferries, hikers & sun worshippers, dawn still breaks perfectly over the mountains each morning and goat bells jangle in deserted gorges.  As the tourist season ends, the land returns to its original state & the local people replenish their energies and reclaim their roots.  In the Epilogue, a variety of seascapes meditates on the great beauty of the Greek Island sea.

a Greek island film   Sfakia
DVD - 72 mins

1. Spring
In The Shadow Of The Warrior
2. Summer
Return From The Sea
3. Winter
Return to the Land
Total Film Time (62.30)
4. Epilogue
Dark Wine Sea
Total Film Length 72mins

The Heart of Today   an American film
DVD - 124 mins
Two films within a film - a multi-dimensional study of a year in the life of New York, integrated with the dramatic political events of election year America 2008.  
Set against the pulsating magnificence of the city landscape, an inclusive approach that covers the city's diverse origins and neighbourhoods.  Driven by inhabitants from all over the world and compelled by Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness in all its awesome glory, New York is the modern. Through Super Tuesday, the Democratic Convention and the November Election, the film tracks the democratic process as the electoral pulse beats ever stronger.  Rising above all of this, the spell binding oratory of Barack Obama,   his election, an ultimate expression of the power and virtue of Constitutional Democracy, one of the greatest democratic moments of modern times.

Music from 'living national treasure', composer   David Amram 
1. Lafayette & Grand
Jan/Feb 2009
2. Amsterdam & West 79th
3. Convent & West 154th
4. Sixth Ave & West 46th
5. Rivington & Ludlow
Total Film Length 124mins

With an in depth look at modern African culture, this is a full on 'Real Africa' 'as it is' movie.  Relatively stable, moderately successful and solving its problems, Ghana is a good news story, a model for the rest of strife ridden and corruption afflicted Africa.  The spirit of Christ is alive and well in 'village Africa', the women of Ghana are strong and rising, as Kuapa Kokoo farmers perform their every day success story as a Fairtrade      co-operative, cultivating cocoa beans for the Western Chocolate world.  Filmed throughout Ghana during the national joyride as Ghana's football team, the Black Stars, became the only African side left in the World Cup - the hopes of all Africa resting on Ghana's fate, before being so cruelly cheated of their rightful place as Africa's best ever placed World Cup team.

                 a moment in Africa   God, Chocolate and The Black Stars
DVD - 49 mins 

1. God (00:00)
2. Earth (08:55)
3. Village  (16:40)
4. Chocolate (25:12)
5. Mother  (33:05)
Total Film Length 49mins

Sen Shin An   the other world of Tea
DVD - 57 mins  /  BluRay & Streaming- 68 mins
Japan is in Autumn, the hills are ablaze with colour and Kyoto's Temples and Gardens are at their very best. People from all over Japan celebrate the legendary beauty of Kyoto Autumn - the spirits rise and the   change of seasons is deeply felt.  Japan is continually reassessing its traditions in the modern context.  Virtually unchanged since the 16th century, Chado, the Way of Tea, raises the question; 'What if the traditions of a society are at a higher level than whatever the modern world has to offer?'  The path to the Tea House of Sen Shin An (Purification Heart Abode) is a journey of enlightenment - the path to the inner sanctum of Japanese culture.  The Way of Tea, Chado, makes sure that this pathway remains open, holding fast to its core values of Harmony, Respect, Purity and Tranquillity, fundamental values that permeate all Japanese society.  As the other world of Tea is revealed, wider issues arise; Individual/Community?  Spiritual/Everyday?  How better to resolve such matters than by the ritual drinking of Tea in the simple, unadorned space of the Tea House? 

Original Music by John Kaizan Neptune
1. Shinkansen (00:00)
2. Aki (04:42)
3. Matcha  (12:05)
4 Chado (20:21)
5. Zen (34:32)
6. Kimono (40:09)
7. Sen No Rikyu (42:51)
8.  Chaji (46:19)
Total Film Length 68 mins

Coffee drinking first developed in Arabia in the 1300's and through to the cafes and internet forums of the Arab awakening of the 2010's, coffee has been an important social lubricant within alcohol free Islamic culture - cafes are where people meet and talk.  As the birthplace of the Arab Spring, the story of Tunisia's liberal heritage places it at the leading edge of 'ijtihad'' - the formal process in Islam that reconciles the traditions of Islam with the demands of the present day, the modern world.  Despite two malevolent political assassinations by forces that do not want the reconciliation between Islamists to succeed, as of going to press, Tunisia has held itself together.  The Democratic process continues.  Through a series of keynote interviews, this film examines the cultural foundations that have made this possible.  Against a backdrop of cultural diversity from desert to city, from market to mosque, this is a sympathetic, humane account of an Islamic society which reaches out across the divides that ideologues of one kind of another have imposed upon us through the global media.

 an Islamic Transition   Cafe Tunisia
DVD & BluRay - 47 mins

1.  - Earth (00:00)
2. - Mosque (19:24)
3. - World  (28:15)
Total Film Length 47mins


Saint-Emilion   High Temple of the Vine
DVD & BluRay - 82 mins  /  Streaming - 111 mins
Stretching back thousands of years into the mists of antiquity, the long and honourable tradition of wine making is a great human story.  The deep connection between wine and human culture attains one of its highest expressions in the Bordeaux appellation of Saint-Emilion.  From the medieval town's ancient walls to the verdant rows of outlying Chateaux, Saint-Emilion's immaculately manicured vineyards and its long history of wine making form the 'cultural landscape' that UNESCO cited when conferring World Heritage status upon Saint-Emilion in 1999.  From the bare vines of Spring to the hard pruning of Winter, from the bursting into leaf to the harvesting of fruit, this film covers a year in the life of the Saint-Emilion appellation.  Situated on a limestone escarpment, the effects of Saint-Emilion's 'terroir' on its vines is closely examined, as one of many factors adding to the complexity of the Saint-Emilion wine.  Maintaining the vineyards is a gargantuan task and work on them never ceases - ploughing, spraying, trimming, training - a seemingly endless series of manual and mechanical tasks to prepare the grapes in perfect condition for the harvest.  The wine then begins to be made and we follow the production cycle from small scale Chateaux wineries to the more industrial facilities of the local producers' cooperarative.  Throughout the year, Saint-Emilion's rich heritage serves to attract the attentions of the established wine community and the wider cultural world.

Streaming Film Length 111mins 
Vine Barrel Bottle - the 3 year cycle:
2013 Vintage : 82 mins
2014 Vintage : 14 mins
2015 Vintage : 15 mins
1. Spring (00:00)
2. Summer (15:41)
3. Vendange  (33:55)
4. Autumn (66:07)
5. Winter  (74:07)
Total Film Length 82mins



A Set of four films that unfold the stories behind four everyday nourishments in four great cultures - European, Islamic, African and Oriental.  The vineyards of Bordeaux, the cafes of the Sahara, the cocoa plantations of West African and the Tea houses of Kyoto are explored in their original settings in our modern world.  This culinary journey takes us to the Great Buddha of Kamakura, the Grand Mosque of Kairouan, the Divine Chocolate Cooperative of Ashanti and the Vendanges of Saint - Emilion...just the kind of thing to enliven the chat around any dinner table.

                            'Wine Coffee Chocolate Tea'
4 DVD Set 

Saint Emilion
- 82 mins
Cafe Tunisia
- 47 mins
God, Chocolate & The Black Stars
- 49 mins
Sen Shin An
- 56 mins

Under a tree in India
DVD - 60 mins
a vedic satsang - straight from the source, from an oral tradition stretching back thousands of years, and under a tree at his ashram near Tiruvannamlai, Swami Suddhananda eloquently lays out the inspiring Vedic vision of universal human reality. Merging the logic of philosophy with the intuition of spirituality, the satsang covers vital human areas - identity, creation, faith, ritual, liberation - as well as addressing the very basic issue : What is it that makes us happy?
1. prayer and introduction - the idea of self (00:00)
2. the universal nature of the 'I' (21:00)
3. the unconditional experience of Self (29:45)
4 the knowing of the Self (36:00)
5. gurus, ritual, deities and the self (43:45)
Total Film Length 60mins

David Amram - Classical composer, jazz pianist, world musician, multi instrumentalist, artistic raconteur extraordinaire and avatar of human creativity recorded live at one of his regular monthly sets in New York's Greenwich Village in May 2008. At a sprightly
seventy seven years young and a living connection back to Jack Kerouac and beat 1950's New York, no-one could better convey the spirit of 'the Village'.

Greenwich Village
DVD - 81 mins

1. Introduction (00:00)
2. Take The A Train (01:52)
3. Waltz - After The Fall (Amram)  (13:11)
4. Splendour in the Grass (Amram) (24:25)
5. Pull My Daisy (Colaboration)
Kerouac, Ginberg, Cassidy, Amram 
6 On The Road - Ventimiglia Reeding
'In America When The Sun Goes Down'
7 I Wanna Eat Vanilla Ice-cream
Poem John Petrolinoe
8. Sever The Ties (Morley) (56:30)
9. Mastinchele Wachipi Olwan
(Trad Lakota / arr Amram)
10. Meanderin in Mandarin
Yug Guan Guan - The Moon is Shining
My Buddha Angel in Chenn
Total Film Length 81mins
On A Rock In Manhattan
DVD - 42 mins
In order to examine the foundations of Western democratic culture, a film was made in the United States during the election year of 2008. A relatively unknown James Swartz, was interviewed in order to look at the relationship between the 'external' rights of Western culture and the 'inner' freedoms of Indian spiritual culture. Central to the argument presented in the film was the notion that one cannot have true democracy without the operation of both these freedoms. In the process, the James Swartz interview offered a fascinating insight into spiritual freedom within the day by day workings of modern culture. The eventual Swartz cut in the documentary film is followed by the interview in full.
1. The Heart of Today -
Swartz Extract
2. On A Rock In Manhattan -
James Swartz interview
Total Film Length 42mins


Photography Books
MMX a photography of Britain
345mm x 235mm 330 pages - 380 pics 2,200 grams

New Year's Dawn Avebury, Wiltshire
From Shetland to Scilly, from the Isle of Lewis to the Isle of Thanet, from Pembroke to the Norfolk Coast, from County Fermanagh to Whitehall, this is a journey into the heart and soul of Britain - into the Britain that you know and into the Britain that you don't know, into its people, its culture, its stories and its events. That journey had to start somewhere, so it began at the very beginning - the dawn of a New Year at Avebury and Stonehenge.........The coldest winter in recent memory and the beach scenes and flower shows of Summer, the General Election in the West Midlands and Budget day in Whitehall, England in the World Cup, the Eden Project in Cornwall, the City of London, The Co-operative in Manchester, Edward III, Mahatma Gandhi, John Lennon and a host of characters, scenes and moments - none less so than the extraordinary story of Etheldreda who walked from Northumbria to Cambridge in 672 AD to found the Abbey at Ely, later Ely Cathedral, all addressing the central question: 'What Is Britain'?
Hogmanay, Edinburgh
Dec 31,2010

Fish Market Scotland Yoga England Closing Time N. Ireland Ladies That Lunch Wales
  Love a world photography  
345mm x 235mm 381 pages - 495 pics 2,600 grams

India Mexico Vietnam
Italy United States Norway
Indonesia Australia France
Tunisia Ghana Patagonia


Transfixed by an insoluble economic crisis of immense proportions, bewildered by a world population surging through the seven billion mark and unnerved by an environment slowly suffocating itself to death, it would be easy to consign planet Earth to a premature extinction.
Eleven months before Barack Obama voiced the words below, the camera set off on a year long worldwide journey of understanding - to see if there is a better world out there than the one projected by the instant message, sensation addicted, 24 hour news culture. Three countries in Asia, three in Europe, three in the Americas, two in Africa and one in Australasia were visited to unambiguous effect - our human creation is every bit as fascinating as the natural creation. We dwell in a world characterised by innumerable daily acts of devotion, trust, humanity and love
Many of the world's greatest cultural sites and many of nature's most spectacular works were visited, but the images here are not just a collection of 'happy pics'. Issue after issue is faced down : Hunger, Intolerance, Identity, Wealth, Environment, Population, Freedom, Faith etc -
but they are presented within the context of the great achievement and astonishing creativity of the human race.
And without any conscious intention to do so from the outset, this project also evolved into a wonderful testament to the women of the world. Time and again they provided some of the most interesting and arresting imagery. As the wellspring of creation and love, it was entirely appropriate that women should become central to a project devoted to the love of creation.
'We are not as divided as our politics suggests. We are not as cynical as the pundits believe. Despite all the evidence to the contrary...something better awaits us.'
Barack Obama - Re-election Address - Nov 07, 2012
MMXX a photography of Britain
345mm x 235mm 336 pages - 427 pics 2,200 grams
As a fledgling new Government took office in January 2020, the hoorahs from their election victory had barely died down when the country was struck down by a medical maelstrom of enormous force – the latest deadly strain of the Coronavirus. By the end of the year, two million people around the world lay dead, many others were left hobbled and the lives of everyone and everything on the planet was turned upside down. While this horrific event is well documented in these pages, and says many things about its people and state policy, nevertheless it was not the primary objective of this project – to document British culture in 2020, as Volume I ‘MMX’ had done so in 2010. Whereas MMX was brimful with colours and crowds and culture lived out on the public square, how does one document a year where cities were deserted, people were locked down in their homes and it really was the cancel culture – huge amounts of nothing happened ? Whilst visiting a totally different set of places than in 2010, what had been intended anyway became the main theme of this volume – How did we get to where we are today ? Why are we the type of society we are ? What is our story ? The very essence of documentary – a work of cultural introspection.

Some of the story was covered in 2010, Stonehenge, Magna Carta, the execution of King Charles 1, and for those whose grasp of history is a little hazy, these pages offer a fairly painless catch up on some key moments in the past. Now, as the modern world is increasingly challenged by the brute power of three great ‘medievalisms’, Islamic State terror, the Russian gangster State and the Chinese Police State, more than ever, it is vitally important that we are clear headed about our story. This publication strives to assist that process, that we have no doubts about the value of the cause of Liberty, and the importance for humankind of its defence – as our forbears so bravely did so in World War II. As one of the main creators of the modern world, often stumbling through the darkness into the unknown, Britain has a long and curious and complex story to tell, but it is a truly great story …… of course, because it is great Britain !
NewYear Northumberland Liberty   London
National Forest   Derbys Live Music   Manchester
Space & Beauty   Isla Churchill   London
Summer Swim   Gloucs The Game Changer   UK

Loutro Poems  
57 poems 96 pages 40 pics

This book of poems is an anthology from poets & writers attending the Loutro writing Courses.

Espirita runs a full Poetry & Writing programme in June each year in Loutro.

On The Way - Michi Yuki 11 tracks - 71 mins
Kenny Endo - John Kaizan Neptune - Joji Hirota
a unique collaboration in Japanese contemporary music The crack of Kabuki woodblocks awakens our inner silence, the shakuhachi blows pure Zen and the O-Jime, the big drum booms. But then bells are resonating in a Tibetan temple and notes glide like the clarinet in 'Rhapsody in Blue'. A Balinese Gamelan jingle jangles Pink Floyd like, one is drawn to the sound of sound. The lightning fingers of a tabla player flow in to a taut Elizabethan minuet and whatever Stravinsky, Schoenberg and Stockhausen sought in modernism, they knew about it a long time ago in Japan - stripped down, laid bare, minimal, rhythm harmony and melody completely full and completely spacious at the same time, all leading to the stillness within the sound...

1. Empty Sky Gate  Kokumon (07:14)
2. Tears of the Earth Arne (05:30)
3. Wind God Fuujin (07:27)
4. Wind Chimes Fuurin (05:09)
5. Heavenly Bells Kin Ten Gaku (08:47)
6. Puzzle Pieces Hanjimono (05:11)
7. Voices of the Forest Path Rindo No Koe (05:58)
8. Noon Cycles Juniji Nori (05:39)
9. Beckoning Blues Bird  Blues Dori O Temaneku (05:15)
10. Ryukyu Island Breeze Ryukyu Shima Kaze (04:40)
11 Three Worlds  San Gai (08:42)

Kenny Endo John Kaizan Neptune Joji Hirota


Joji Hirota -Paleohora 10 tracks - 76 mins
Liz Walters - Mark Alcock - Emi Watanabe - Naomi Maki
Going on stage with the moon rising over the ocean at half past midnight, and with 500 people packed into the open air, seaside Paleohora Club, in Crete, this is an energy laced performance of Joji's contemporary Taiko compositions.

Noh and Kabuki style flute solos, classical piano phrasings, traditional Japanese folk songs, modern keyboard riffs, and dramatic Taiko drumming, back Joji's amazing percussion solos. 

This performance draws deep from the immense and fascinating resource of Japanese music.
1. Michigaku II  (07:39)
2. Pageant III (07:30)
3. Eten-Raku (03:36)
4. Shibu-Raku (06:20)
5. Hokkai III (08:09)
6. Hiten Ryu (09:19)
7. Kokiriko Bushi II (05:23)
8. Shan Shan Chappa (07:00)
9. Ryu-ka  (07:16)
10. Heartbeat III (13:30)
Total  (76:09)

Joji Hirota Crowd Mark and Liz




The United Governments Conference On International Organization

Beijing, May 1st 2023 *

In noting the failure of the Western Democratic system to provide Peace and Prosperity,
all Governments of the world are invited to a Conference to establish a new World Order
and a new International Organization based on the principles of the proposed Charter :

Charter Of The United Governments

1. It is the duty of the Government to Govern
2. It is the duty of Citizens to serve the Government
3. The present Government will elect the next Government
4. All government elections by the Citizens are abolished
3. It is the duty of the judiciary, the police and the armed forces to serve the Government.
5. The Government will decide what the Truth is
6. The Government will control the content of all communications media 
7. Freedom of speech and freedom of expression are illegal. 
8. Unauthorised protest or criticism of the Government is subject to 15 years imprisonment. 
9. Riotous unauthorised protest will be subject to a shoot to kill Riot Control Policy.
10. It is the duty of all artists, writers, musicians and performing artists to serve the government
All new art works must be submitted to the Ministry of Arts for approval
11. The possession of unauthorised art works is subject to 10 years imprisonment
12. The Government will decide who you are.
13. Identity will be assigned at birth on the basis of gender, race, region and nationality.
The citizen’s identity is immutable for life and in perpetuity thereafter. 
14. All citizens will be given a Personal Digital Locator ID at birth. For continuous surveillance by
the Government. the PDL must be carried on the citizen at all times from ten years of age.
15.The family is the first level of law enforcement. It is the family’s duty to bring up dutiful and obedient citizens. The families of disobedient citizens will be
severely punished.
16. Authority in the family is vested in the male person, to whom the family must defer
17. The Government will control the operation and content of the education system.
18. The objective of the education system is to produce intelligent, dutiful
and obedient citizens.
19. The Government will determine the Culture of the people
20. All minority historical cultures are tributaries of the main Culture. The tributary cultures must adjust, adapt and coordinate their thinking and practices to serve the majority Culture.
21. The Government will decide where citizens can live, what they can do and where they can go. Unauthorised residency, employment and location is subject to 10 years imprisonment.
22. Social, economic and citizen policy will be enforced at all levels of Government from the Capital to the village. All disagreements will be referred upwards to the next level of government
23. The Government will control all aspects of the Economy
24. The activity, personnel and direction of all business Companies from the great to the small is subject to Government approval. Free enterprise is abolished.
25. All citizens must be prepared to defend the Government from its enemies, through military
service, conscription and active duty, and must be prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice.
26. The jurisdiction of the government over its citizens extends worldwide. All citizens outside the home country, must behave as if they were inside the country. Severe punishments will result from unauthorised actions abroad and will be enforced upon the return of the citizen or upon the citizen’s family if the citizen continues to live outside the country,
27. Membership of the United Nations is incompatible with membership of the United Governments. Joint membership is not permitted.
*** * *

( * Proposed / Not Online ) 
© inspirita

Right Speech

right speech
one's speech is like a treasure
speech should be at the right moment and in the right place
accompanied by arguments, moderation and common sense
unless one can say something useful, one should keep 'noble silence'
abstain from tale bearing
what one has heard here, one does not repeat there
what one has heard there, one does not repeat here
thus one does not cause dissension in both places
one unites those that are divided,
and encourages those that are united
it is concord that one spreads by one's words
abstain from lying
speak the truth and be devoted to it
be reliable, worthy of confidence and not a deceiver of men
when asked what one knows,
if one knows nothing, say : 'I know nothing'
if one knows, one answers : 'I know'
speak not falsely for one's own
nor for any other's advantage
abstain from vain talk
speak at the right time and in accordance with the facts
speak of the law and of the discipline
speak what is useful
avoid idle, useless, foolish, babble and gossip
abstain from harsh language
avoid harsh language and abstain from it
speak gently, courteously,
with words agreeable to the many
with words that go to the heart
admonishing another
if about to admonish another, realise
five qualities within yourself :
at the right time will I speak, not at the wrong time
I will speak truthfully and not falsely, gently and not harshly
I will speak for their profit and not for their loss
I will speak with kind intent and not in anger
and I buy buddha

and I buy Buddha who said that what he said
was neither true nor untrue
and there's the only true thing or good thing I ever heard
and it rings a cloudy bell, a mighty supramundane gong
he said : your trip is long, illimitable,
you came to this raindrop called your life and call it yours -
we have purposed that you vow to be awakened -
whether in a million lifetimes you disregard this Kingly Heeding,
it's still a raindrop in the sea and who's disturbed,
and what... what is time ?
this Bright Ocean of Infinitude sails many fish afar
that come and go like the sparkle on your lake, mind,
but dive into the rectangular white blaze of this thought now : 
you have been assigned to wake up
this is the golden eternity which knowledge
will do you no earthly good
for earth's not pith, a crystal myth -
face the AAA-H truth, awakener,
be you not knuckled under the wile
of cold or heat, comfort or unrepose,
be you mindful moth of eternity -
be you loving, lad, lord, of infinite variety -

jack kerouac

be you one of us
Great Knowers Without Knowing,
Great Lovers Beyond Love
whole hosts and unnumberable angels
with form or desire - supernatural corridors of heat
- we heat to hold woke..
open your arms embrace the world,
it and we rush in,
we'll lay a silver meeting brand of golden hands
on your milky embowered brow power
to make you freeze...
in love...forever
believe ! and ye shall live forever
believe, that ye have lived forever
overrule the fortresses and penances
of dark isolate suffering life on earth
there's more to life than earth
there's light everywhere
there's light everywhere
Thou Shalt

Thou Shalt
Thou shalt say thou shalt
Thou shalt be a free human being
Thou shalt cherish every moment of life
Thou shalt take great care of one's physical body
Thou shalt enjoy being independent and by oneself
Thou shalt treat all other life forms as equal beings
Thou shalt inspire and love the people in everyday life
Thou shalt respect all knowledge, values and beliefs
Thou shalt be amazed at the miracle of the Universe
Thou shalt be completely still in heart, mind, body and spirit


Balinese Market

Traditional Balinese Market
I Ktut Tungeh - 1982
700 x 450mm
Art Print quality weight paper - 225gs

Printed on art quality weight paper, a classic Balinese painting in 
typically soft and subtle tones, from the aged, bronzed hands of 
one of Ubud's master painters of the early 1980's


Deep Field 

Galaxies, galaxies everywhere...
Hubble - March 2004

700 x 500mm

'Prof Brian Cox would like to thank you for his poster'

As cited in ‘Wonders of the Universe’, this deepest
ever shot of the universe ranges from distant 13 billion
year old galaxies to spiral 1 billion year old ones.

The speed of light (670 million mph) is 19,000 times faster than our fastest Voyager spaceships (36,000 mph),
60 times faster than a standard passenger jet (600 mph). 

Alpha Centauri, the nearest star in the Milky Way to Earth is 4.3 Light Years away, 25-50,000 years journey time by spaceship.


Greeting Card Sets
8 cards 123 x 170mm blank inside
Love Haiku
Clear as a mirror these frozen winter ways
The figure they once reflected is no more
I would start down a path away from the world
Did thoughts of one still there not pull me back
Longing for a place not of this world
May I not join you in your mountain dwelling ?
I shall put on robes of gardenia, the silent hue
And let them speak of my love with words of silence
You cannot know how deep my feelings are
Their colours are hidden like water among the rocks
A loose thread here to join a loose thread there
If it cannot be so with us, what use is life ?
The cherry blossom is dearest when it falls
Nothing in this world is meant to last forever
To be as close as the drops of dew on the lotus
Must be our promise in this world and the next


Tao of Leadership
Lao Tzu – Tao Te Ching - Witter Bynner version
Those who know do not tell,
Those who tell do not know.
Not to set the tongue loose,
But to curb it is to find balance.
Whoever holds balance.
beyond love or hate,
Beyond profit or loss,
Beyond praise or blame,
Has attained the highest post
in the world.
Success burdens a man
With the fear of losing it.
When a man no longer thinks
Of the personal body as self,
Neither failure nor success can ail him
One who knows his lot
To be the lot of all other men
Is a safe man to guide them,
One who recognises all men
As members of his own body
Is a sound man to guard them.
A sane person
Sets up no deed,
Lays down no law,
Takes everything that happens
As it comes,
As something to earn, not to own,
To accept naturally
Without self-importance.
If you never assume importance
You never lose it.
Yield and you need not break’,
Bent you can straighten,
Emptied you can hold,
torn you can mend.
Aware of this, a wise person,
Without being inflamed, is kindled,
Without taking credit, is accredited,
Laying no claim, is acclaimed.
And, through not competing,
Finds peaceful competence.
A leader is best
When people barely know he exists,
Not so good when people
Obey and acclaim him,
Worst when they despise him.
‘Fail to honour people
They fail to honour you’.
But a good leader, who talks little,
When his work is done, his aim fulfilled
They will all say, ‘We did this ourselves’
Those who would take over the earth and shape it to their will
Never, I notice, succeed.
The earth is like a vessel so sacred that,
At the mere touch of the profane,
It is marred.
For a time in the world
Some force themselves ahead
And some are left behind,
For a time in the world
Some make a great noise
And some are held silent.
At no time in the world
Will those who are sane
Over-reach themselves,
Over-rate themselves.
The most involved fact in the world
Could have been faced
When it was simple
The biggest problem in the world
Could have been solved
When it was small
A sane person, knowing the way of life,
Doing without acting,
Finds no problem too big.
If you say yes too quickly,
you may have to say no,
If you think things too easy,
you may find them hard.
If you face trouble sanely,
It cannot trouble you.
Arms are an instrument of evil, 
no measure for thoughtful men,
Until there fail all other choice
But sad acceptance of it.
Triumph is not beautiful.
Whoever thinks triumph beautiful
Is one with a will to kill,
And one with a will to kill
Shall never prevail upon the world.
The death of a multitude
Is a cause for mourning.
Conduct your triumph as a funeral.