Meditation in Action

Spirituality Course with James Swartz

Stress is mostly caused by thinking of ourselves as 'doers' - either doing too much or too little, or not wanting to do what we are doing.  our inner Nature, The Self, gets cut off by our worldly actions, by our Karma.  The spirituality of action, karma yoga, restores access to the peaceful actionless nature of The Self - not by yoga or breathing routines but by the understanding of the Self.

The seminar focuses on the Bhagavad Gita, the ancient sanskrit discourse about maintaining deep inner peace whilst engaging with the everyday world.  Discussion of the teachings of the Ramana Maharishi  will further develop this topic of the Self and the 'doer'.


James Swartz
- an independent spiritual observer and commentator, recently based in Tiruvannamalai has spent most of the last 35 years living in India, since arriving at the life transforming experience of Self Knowledge.  Variously in India and elsewhere in the world, he has pursued a life long love of India, and a strong dedication to it's spiritual ideas.

Originating in Montana, USA and now living in California, Jim teaches meditation, gives talks on Vedanta, creates compelling spiritual art and is the author of 'Meditation - An Inquiry into the Self', 'The Mystery beyond the Trinity' and other publications.