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'Who am I?'

The teachings of Ramana Maharishi

A contemplation on the topic of identity

with James Swartz

Ramana Maharishi, a great Indian sage who lived in the first half of the 20th century, realised his universal identity at the age of seventeen.

His teaching, which arose from direct experience, was known as 'Vichara' (Self Inquiry). It coincides with the spiritual teachings of the Vedas, the world's most ancient texts on the subject of Self-Knowledge.

The many conflicting identities and roles, that we are forced to assume as modern people living in a complex world, raises serious questions about who we actually are, and makes particularly relevant the subject of Self-Inquiry for self aware people everywhere.

What is Vedanta ?

Vedanta is not a religion and does not require faith or a belief in a higher power.

Originating from the dawn of consciousness in India, its knowledge is based on a dispassionate analysis of the nature of mind and experience, on a body of ideas that deconstructs life in a practical, experimental way, and on a path of knowledge that integrates the many and varied experience that we all live though. Its ancient and universal teachings are, perhaps the clearest and most logical of all the 'spiritual' sciences.

They are based on common sense and experience and can be easily assimilated by any reasonably conscious person. The teachings have stood the test of time and are sufficiently comprehensive and profound to serve the needs of all those involved, over the years, with any kind of professional or personal self work.



James Swartz - a specialist on meditation and the traditional teaching of Vedanta, the science of Self-Inquiry deriving from the Vedas. He lives close to the ashram of Ramana Maharishi in Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu. He will unfold Ramana Maharishi's views on Self Inquiry during a week long satsang - a process of discourse and discussion on Ramana's teachings.

Originating in Montana, USA, Jim teaches meditation, gives talks on Vedanta and is the author of 'Meditation - Inquiry into the Self', 'The Mystery beyond the Trinity' and other publications.