Espirita - Forest Donation Policy

For some time, Espirita has been concerned about the environmental impact of its activities and has previously addressed the issue in various ways. From now on, Espirita will be making equal donations to The National Forest and The Woodland Trust, both based in the UK, on behalf of the effects of client flights. Our clients can now travel secure in the knowledge that Espirita has taken environmental responsibility for the flights that it invites our clients to take.

The donations for 2016 have already been made and should more than compensate for Espirita related flights during this year. The exact amount will be monitored annually to ensure that client flights stay in environmental credit.

Based on the planting of new trees in The National Forest and the restoration of ancient woodland at The Woodland Trust, the policy supports the regeneration and replenishment of the world's forests.

July 2016

Feb 02, 2023 : ‘a big thank you for your continued generous support of the National Forest’ 

The carbon offset fees for our clients’ flights in 2023 have been settled.