Garden Japan
Kyoto / Okayama 

MM - Nov 2016 - I felt I had to write and thank you properly for the wonderful Garden Japan tour…. I had always wanted to visit Japan and it would have been impossible to have a better introduction than such a well-designed tour. I was grateful for the invaluable pre-tour information which meant we were well prepared. Robert’s guidance was superb and it was a joy to be in his company. His expertise and knowledge was so lightly imparted and his choice of gardens to visit was so beautifully varied. The pace of each day was just right; I didn’t feel rushed, but had enough time to take in each garden in detail. We learnt so much from both of you about Japanese culture as well as gardens. The tea gathering was such a special experience too. What an expert and patient teacher Bruce Hamana is! It was a brilliant idea to include it, and it made sense of the significance of teahouses and their gardens…… I very much enjoyed having the contrast between Kyoto and the varied places we visited from Okayama. Without your guidance we would certainly have found it impossible to see so many wonderful places and gardens in such a short time. The whole tour uplifted my spirits after what had been a couple of difficult years for me.
LJ - Nov 2016 - Konnichiwa……. I have just finished putting together my photo album from our trip, all 172 pages of them! That's having reduced the number of photos too! I have re-lived the wonderful experience whilst doing it, and just wanted to say a huge thank you for organizing such an amazing holiday ……. we certainly benefitted from being such an exclusive group….. I can't believe how much we did, but so glad we did.
SG - April 2016 - A quick note to say 'thank you' for your help in arranging my participation in the Japanese Garden Tour. I enjoyed every aspect of it and appreciate your guidance in making it work for me.
JO - April 2015 - The trip to see Gardens and Temples in March was absolutely wonderful, thank you. It surpassed my hopes and expectations which were uncertain and nervous. 
And I managed my two nights independently before meeting up with Robert and fellow travellers. Robert- such a mine of knowledge. I really would love to go again. Autumn next time as maples and moss are such an integral part of the Japanese design……. together with the eternal rocks and dry stone gravels. Others have said there was a spiritual dimension to their experience and I felt it too at times especially with the meditative, "in the moment " approach of Robert's leadership. The family in Oz to whom I followed on from Japan were glazed over with my praises and enthusiasm for the experience…. it will stay with me forever I believe.. congratulations on a very successful trip.

Japanese Gardens  
Temples & Gardens in Kyoto 

' I have just returned from the 2009 Autumn Garden Tour to Kyoto and I want to thank you for providing such a wonderful opportunity. The tour was everything that I hoped it would be. It combined just the right amount of help and expert guidance, with freedom and a chance to make independent decisions. Again, my sincere thanks '
Elizabeth M - Nov 2009
' I am now safely back in London following the trip to Kyoto. It will, I feel sure, come as no surprise to you to know that (like everyone else in the group) I thought the experience was absolutely wonderful! It more than lived up to expectations. I learned a lot and in the most pleasant of circumstances. Many thanks indeed for your part in making it all possible. '
Michael C - April 2010
' Robert was the ultimate guide, and nothing was too much trouble for him. We appreciated
the leisurely pace and the coffee and cake breaks. We coped with a couple of very cold days. Thanks for organizing such a memorable trip. '
Rex R - April 2010
' I just wanted to send you a quick thank you for organising the Japan trip so efficiently. It was a real pleasure to enjoy the sights of Kyoto with Robert and Keiko and I’m already looking forward to a return visit. '
Suzy R - April 2010
' I also want to take the opportunity to tell you how much we enjoyed our trip; it far exceeded our expectations, and these were fairly high to start with. Kyoto of course is wonderful, but Robert's guidance was superb and inspirational. We have told him how much we appreciated his help, but we wanted you to know, too, and to know that we are deeply thankful that you provided us this opportunity. We liked the hotel, too. For my part, the breakfast buffet is worth every yen they charge, though I think your opinion is different. '
Carol and Larry Z - April 2010
' What a Special trip you provided, and now a lovely reminder. Thank you, the cards you sent are so nice, and I thought I took every picture that could be taken '
Julie B - April 2007
' Japan is a life changing experience. I didn't quite realize the effect it has had on me - lots of things in my life are now up for re-evaluation, most particularly my attitude to life :) '
Deirdre - April 2006
' Many thanks for organising the gardens tour to Japan which was a big success and which I enjoyed immensely. Robert was a gem and the scheduling of guided tours and free days was just right. When we first arrived I was a bit disappointed as I had seen the maples in a far more advanced stage of autumn before. But we were compensated toward the end. Saiho temple (the moss temple) was just magical. And I was bowled over by the Miho Museum. I have no useful comments to improve the tour. The choice of hotel was superb, centrally and conveniently located right in the heart of where the Japanese live and very reasonably priced. I am particularly appreciative of the effort and energy that you put into making beautiful destinations affordable to the man on the street and I hope to be able to join some other tour of yours soon. '
Evelyn C - Nov 2007
' Many thanks again for a splendid tour of gardens in China & Japan ... '

' withered by winter
the sound of the wind
one colour world ' ( Basho )

...enjoying a 'Haiku Garden' , four seasons in poets & print...thanks to your introduction '
Joyce - November 2004
' Just to say how absolutely terrific the trip to Kyoto was The gardens were stunning - I took 26 rolls of film Robert was the perfect leader - friendly, warm, generous, hugely knowledgeable and a delight to be with ................ I went back to Arshiyama and found that a delight - walking by the river and up into the hills where I found a tiny temple with one priest and his teacher and the teacher's family My last day I spent wandering the streets of Kyoto - one of my favourite cities By the end the weather was really hot and the cherry blossom streaming off the trees - gorgeous........ For your interest, I only spent £500 in two whole weeks !!!! '
Jenny - April 2004
' Just a brief message to say thank you for a fantastic holiday Robert is a superb guide and was very helpful at all times......Thanks again for a super holiday '
Yook and Michael - November 2003
' J & I had a marvellous time in Kyoto Robert was a very knowledgeable guide and pitched the information he gave us, and the pace of the Tour, just right '
Lucy - April 2003
' A brief e-mail to say how much we enjoyed our trip to Japan, made so easy and pleasurable by your World Spirit input '
Sue and Stuart - Nov 2002
' The China end of the trip worked very well indeed and Dad & I thought the whole trip
was very worthwhile.   Many thanks for all your organisation and insights ! '
Sarah - November 2002
' I wanted particularly to thank you for your help and guidance....I'd like to congratulate you and Robert in putting together the perfect holiday ( not a package ) for 'discerning people' The initial guided tours of the most beautiful gardens were ideal We hit the ground running on day 1 - no time for jet lag and were treated to a gentle but thorough introduction to Japanese culture and people, as well as the different styles of gardens That gave us the confidence and opportunity then to explore our own areas of interest separately We all felt that 10 days was the right length of time....... '
Jean - April 2002
' The Tour was great and I found your ( Robert ) laid back and flexible approach suited me perfectly. You were attentive and informative...and although tired at the end of the day with the walking, you told us enough to keep it real and interesting. We would not have enjoyed it so much just using a book and guessing which of the hundreds of gardens was worth the effort '
Linzi and Mark - April 2002
' You and Robert provided me with a thoroughly satisfying and exhilarating encounter with Kyoto. It was not only one of the finest aesthetic experiences of my lifetime, but was a deeply moving emotional one as well. I feel stirred by my remembrances of the gardens and the people. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou... '
David - Nov 2001
' We were just wanting to say thank you for arranging such a wonderful holiday, everything worked well. The breakfasts in the hotel were in fact excellent, the communal bathing was fascinating. Cycling in Kyoto was an excellent way to get round and see all the back streets and also for Marilyn to find gardening boots and drainpipes! The small group and special gardens, Robert, Keiko and Bills expertise and Grahams company couldn't have been better. Our other friends in Japan were extremely kind and gave us an excellent introduction to Japanese culture and Zen Buddhism '
Bill and Marilyn - April 2001

Poetry Central Japan 

MB - Nov 2015 - So back in a very autumnal UK. Just to say thank you, and how much I enjoyed the trip. A lovely balance. It feels like we managed to do so much, but in a way that didn't feel over packaged
SD - Nov 2015 - It was so nice to meet you in Japan, and the day we all spent together at the Villa of Fallen Persimmons was really magical. Arashiyama is ridiculously beautiful, and full of interesting surprises. Well, our holiday may not have gone exactly to plan, but we had a wonderful time. Thank you for organising things, and for your patience and flexibility. I’m sure we shall meet again soon !
TG - Nov 2015 - Great to hear from you. What a truly inspiring Aki experience in Japan. It was a privilege to spend almost a month in Japan, absorb the Japanese culture and meet another fine group of people; where do you find them? Our group was finely tuned into the Basho spirit; I agree more Basho readings and wider discussions would have been welcome. That would depend upon the group in future trips. All your research to find such beautiful locations for our readings really paid off. The group bonding was so strong that it seemed quite disruptive to move to a totally new group of people. I was surprised no one else doubled up on the trips. However, the Garden tour group proved equally rewarding and I really missed the 2 ladies who departed in mid trip! The extension to Okayama was inspired. The gardens were magnificent. It was strange not to visit Korakuen Garden. I would have been upset had I not seen it last time …………
RW - Nov 2015 - This morning from a high perch overlooking Portland, Oregon, before the rest of the household has awakened, I reopened that email in a larger format and discovered that the figures in the photograph are indeed our group! We all have benefited tremendously from the transformation and I can’t thank you enough for conceiving of and executing this adventure for us. I am sending you and the others in the group several batches of photos that have taken me far too long to process. They include a few of the sketchbook paintings I have been working on, complete with my attempt at haiku. I’m looking forward in the new year to developing these sketches and others into full scale paintings of my impressions from our trip.

Taiko Japan
International Taiko Courses 

' I have meant to write several times to let you know what a great time I had in Fukui It was just amazing '
Karen - October 2003/04/05
' I must thank you for the amazing experiences in Fukui I loved everyone and everything It was one of the best trips in my life, and I have travelled lots ! '
Susan - October 2003/04
' ...well, I landed back.....but life is not the same. It was a wonderful experience in Japan....thankyou for your help in getting there.....I stayed for the second week.. '
Emma - October 2003
' I've just returned from the one week Taiko class in Japan and would like you to thank you for making it possible for me to have this experience with Taiko It was like you gave me a surprise gift all wrapped up, and I did not realise how wonderful it was until I opened it I really appreciate all the efforts you have put into making the arrangement and providing funding I do not think I could thank you enough '
( Panit won a prize of a week's Taiko course in Fukui at a Joji Hirota concert in San Francisco )
Panit - October 2003
' I was completely at ease with the ritual and requirements of the the end of the day I generally felt energized and the group held together well On the Friday evening, we were fortunate to attend Daianzenji meditation which was a wonderful end to the week Thankyou for recommending Eihei-ji which I visited on the first Sunday The choice of hotel worked well as having a Japanese room was economic, comfortable and had good facilities, Japanese bath was excellent at end of day for relieving stress and getting a good night's sleep Also very useful to know the hotel has freely available 24hr internet access '
Linzi - October 2003
' Thank you very much for all your hard work and efforts in making the Kurumaya International class such a raving success If it weren't for all your follow through and behind-the-scenes finessing, things wouldn't have ran so a BIG thank you '
Sylvia - October 2003
' I had such a wonderful time in Fukui '
Atsuko - October 2003
' I just wanted to thank you for organising such a wonderful trip It was an incredible experience on many levels This was my first visit to Japan but will definitely not be my last I was only able to scratch the surface of this wonderful culture.....We had an amazing evening with Sensei's other classes They couldn't have been more welcoming or open hearted '
Val - October 2003

Loutro Writers
Writing & Poetry - Workshop
link   Drama - Workshop link

' There really isn't a way to thank you enough for the creativity you helped release in 
me. Thank you for all you do, are, accomplish and dream to be. '
Evalyn L - Sept 09 
' We wanted to thank you so much for an unexpectedly wonderful two weeks which both of us hugely enjoyed - the introduction to Crete balanced by Mimi’s superb teaching and the new friendships we made '
Patrick E - June 2011
' That’s great! Can I also ask for Room 6 at Faros? It’s like home by now…Looking forward to June more than ever! Thanks! '
Xenia - June 2011
' I wanted to thank you for a really marvellous two weeks, especially week one. I thought our class with Lesley was very helpful and exploratory, with lots to put into use in the future. '
Rosalie H - June 2011
' I got so much out of the Mimi course that I am tinkering with the idea of signing up for the Ruth Padel course - I'm going to order the book she recommends today and have a read '
Bryony D - June 2011
' I still haven't thanked you for arranging the Writing Course. I thoroughly enjoyed it and thought how well procedures had been planned which allowed everyone to experience the craft but also maintained some 'space' between the participants, so we had plenty of opportunity to write without feeling we were not joining in '
Sue S - June 2010
' Thanks for the fortnight at Loutro. A very nice group to work with and two excellent tutors. Both had prepared thoroughly and actually aimed to teach, sympathetic but rigorous. Very well worthwhile. '
Jean H - June 2010
' Thank you so much for a wonderfully inspirational week in Crete with Mimi. It was an amazing experience. '
Ellie E - June 2010
' I had a wonderful time in Loutro and I am attaching some photos. The course went well even if there were only three of us. Jemma was a great teacher and we had some lovely meals and walks '
Moira C - June 2009
' I had a life-changing time in Loutro. I’ll never forget it. I feel as if I learnt so much that I need to download some of it to an external hard drive. Thank you so much for being so sensitive, so organised & such fun. Ruth was completely inspirational. Such a multi-layered person, wonderful humour, tangents of wild enthusiasm, a talent for diplomatic critique – passion, that word again...... P.S. Had 3 poetry competition successes in the post when I got home – the Loutro factor’s working already!! '
Sara R - June 2009
' Thank you. Loutro is still with me. A poem I wrote after returning from the course with Ruth Padel this summer, was commended in the mighty Arvon Prize '
Frances T - June 2008
' It was my pleasure to expand my Loutro perspective to a new dimension. Next weekend I begin a creative writing class at City Lit to support the flowering and continuation of what began there. '
Judy H - June 2007
' There were many high points to my round the world jaunt but Loutro stands out as something wonderfully special. Thank you for having the vision to organise such beautiful workshops in such a magical place. '
Dawn D - June 2007
' Thanks for an excellent Drama week in Loutro I love the place and may well return for one of the writing courses next year was lovely to take 'time' instead of the kind of rapid short-cutting that often goes with professional rehearsal schedules '
Paul - September 2004
' I can't believe I've been back just short of two weeks...I had such a wonderful time on the drama course - great place, brilliant people, fun and challenging experience, superb weather Thank you, again, for the organisation of what was one of the best breaks I've ever had Please keep me posted on future plans as I'd love to join you out there again in the future '
Robert - September 2004
' The structure of the course worked well for me as I learnt and played ! I thought the balance between free time, writing time and the workshops was just right, even in the evenings one could continue chatting through ideas As a writer, the most rewarding part of the course was the simple fact of getting away to such a paradise - can't think of anyone that could not benefit from such an idyllic and inspirational setting '
Katie - May 2004
' Thankyou for guiding my spirit here and for laying on the magic '
Di - May 2004
' ...if you wish to combine a break with a challenging and rewarding journey into your own writing, Loutro is a beguiling place and we are very fortunate to have as caring an organisation as World Spirit '
Phillip - May 2004
' The quality of inspiration and guidance received was excellent, and the small size of the group added to the experience through opportunity and personal attention I will return home inspired by the beautiful setting and the powerful creative inspiration of the course The quality of tuition was excellent '
Ray - May 2004
' I was going to say that I had arrived home safe and sound, but that's not quite true Sound, yes - but safe? Never again My heart is too full of dangerous moonlight ....I won't bore you with....the number of times I tiptoed to the edge of myself during that wonderful week With love, and admiration for what you are doing '
Ann - May 2004

There is a tiny bay
Peopled by a golden race
They gaze out to sea
They speak in wisdom's parables
They are Gods in disguise
Sue - 2001/02/03/04
Craggy brows
frown over Loutro
Tree bespattered gorges
tempt the footloose
Trees eke a living 
from sparse soil and water
Sure footed goats
traverse their territory
Sheep, bell-led, 
crop the foliage
while tourists marvel
at God's majesty
Frank - September 2003
' I'm still coming down off my incredible Greek HIGH ! About the best drug I've had in years...good medicine Loutro remains for me one of the most exquisite places I've ever been to Cretan men are great to look at and English ladies are just too interesting ! Thank you so much for getting back to my ancestral home I had a glorious time '
Zoe - May 2003
' Just to say thank you for all your help last week, I had a fabulous time and met some great was a blast.... '

' Yet though we leave our parents for a lover,
then children fill our minds, no other
tie as strong as this ! Yet we recover
all else erased, the memory of our mother :
the first and last, morning and evening star,
Like mine, who asks again, 'Where did you
leave the car ? '
Val - May 2003
' I just got my photos back and can't believe how blue/turqouoise the water was in Loutro It all seems a bit like a dream......Thank you so much for organising everything, it was a beautiful two weeks '
Moira - May 2002
' ...the evening reading was stimulating, moving, entertaining, amusing and an unexpected treat for two travellers dropping by Loutro by chance I am a freelance writer myself and after struggling all year writing what people want me to write, and feeling truly browned off with churning it out... ( Lemn Sissay's)...reading reawakened my love of words and language.. '
Judy - May 2002
' Thanks for getting me to this beautiful and inspiring place '
Sheila - May 2001

I want to know about the goat bells,
for their small hollow knocking is in my head.

I want to know
if a bell might be worn by many goats in succession,
if it might be generations, centuries old,
and if a child in the village might be wakened
by the same, the very same music
as was her mother, and grandmother, and great-grandmother.

I want to know about the bell-maker.
When he hammered out the tin cup
and hung the small clapper, did he test the bell
for tone and timbre, thinking maybe of a goat he knew,
so that when you open your shutters to a rush of light
and hear a near, familiar tapping and tocking,
you can say Ah, my goat Maria, is there -
and did he die long ago, the bell maker,
and do they remember his name in the village,
and is "bell-maker" said along with his name,
and is a new baby sometimes called after him? -

or are they disposable bells that come in large boxes
from Athens, or Tokyo?

I want to know what a bell means to its goat.
Do the bells at first drive the goats nearly mad,
and do they in the end settle for this madness
as they settle for the high winds
in the worlds where their clever feet take them
and the sweet still places they know
and the smell and scrunch of thyme
and the daily giving of their warm milk -
and I want to know if, at the last,
it is the bell's kiss on the air
that gives direction to the man with the knife?

For the bell sounds the goat, its to-ings and fro-ings.
its choices and changes, and the silence of the bell
is the goat's musing and sleeping

I want to know about the goat bells,
for their faint hollow harmonies are knocking
at the bowl of mountains under the sun
against the silvered pulse of the sea.
Frances - 2001

' I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to perform in Crete, it was an experience that I shall never forget and, as I hoped, it has given me so much guidance towards my play. The issues we are currently exploring are many of those workshopped in Loutro and the journey that I am guiding the actors along, is very similar to the path that Nicholas took us along.
Those rare moments of reflection when time presents them, makes me realise just how lucky I have been, not only to have felt the experience but also to have met the people concerned. It amazes me just how close three out of the four people became in such a short time of knowing each other '
Malcolm - October 2000
' Tom, Audrey and I are joining Marion's course 25th September to 2nd October. We enjoyed it so much last year.
We see the sea and the sand and the rocks of Loutro all the time in our minds.
Looking forward to seeing you again '
Jill - September 2000

Kerala south India 

BB - Feb 17 - Just to let you know what a great place the Ayurvedic treatment and facilities were In India. The staff and doctors were nothing but great. I have taken a lot of new ways of thinking about how I have been treating my body. And soul. New beginnings ! I'm hoping to return again next year.
JP - Feb 17 - Just thought I'd write to say I had a great time in India. The Ayurvdeic Centre was fantastic - food, staff, treatments. It really was a good experience… I could have got a lot more out of it had the ( yoga ) groups been divided to offer for example 45 minutes stretching for the absolute beginners and then 45 minutes regular for whoever needs more of a challenge….. I would though like to take this opportunity to thank you for a fantastic experience on the whole.

Sacred Elements
Temple Tour of South India

' India was fantastic I learnt more about India in two weeks than I have in a lifetime. Micha worked tirelessly and we had a great time. Care and attention at the ayurvedic Clinic was second to none and James' insights into the Vedas were brilliant. As for Micha her explanations of Hinduism, the ayurvedic principles and Indian life were brilliant... and as for the shopping! Hope you are able to get this course up and running. Cheers ' 
Sue P - Jan 2010
' What you expect from this Type of holiday? New experiences? Yes. An insight to a unfamiliar culture? Yes. Believe me this holiday has been all that and so much more.The ayurvedic Clinic surpassing my expertations. All the Staff at the centre were so caring and kind you felt there was nothing you could not ask of them.

Tiruvanamalai was a huge shock to the system at first and I think without Micha to guide us we may well have come away with the wrong impression. Micha ganged us all with care and understanding, explaining the temples, rituals and sights in a way that made us feel at home quickly. The Yoga grounded us each day and Satsang was wonderful. India and Micha have filled my heart and made me feel alive, young and excited about my future. Keep up the wonderful work. '
Gaynor M - Jan 2010
' The holiday was outstanding Treatments were wonderful from the sincere & dedicated therapists here, felt so much better for it by the end of the week. Thiruvannamalai & the holy Mount Arunachala with its Shiva Temple was impressive. I very much enjoyed the daily teachings of the Vedas with James Schwartz, being amongst the hub,Shrines & shops, it`s vibrancy & the sights, scents & aromas of the town. Thank you also for our daily yoga exercises with individual attention & stretching in ways I wouldn`t have thought possible! '
Heidi N - Jan 2010
' Had a fantastic time in India. Everyone at the Ayurvedic Centre was friendly and courteous - Rita and I really enjoyed the experience and I have to say that the treatments really helped my kneecap. Have no negative comments to make - the transfer to Tiruvannamalai was smooth and easy and we both felt the combination was brilliant. Micha was a wonderful guide - she fixed us when we were sick (24 hours in Tiruvannamalai) and looked after us in every way - she was always happy to explain anything we wanted to know and she is so well informed! She is well organised and a good companion - as well as being good at haggling!
The final two nights at the beach hotel were a comfortable ending to our trip, All in all, very enjoyable '
Ruth C - Jan 2009
' Our tour in South India with Micha was excellent. Very kind and caring medical people were looking after us in the Ayurveda centre. Every day we had wonderful treatments, which was more than we expected ,warm oil massage and much more. Our stay in this Temple Town was very interesting, seeing how a lot of people really lived, with very little but happy smiling faces, especially the children.Visiting the temple, ashram and meditating in the Aruna Linga mountain cave. '
Rita G - Jan 2009
' The Tour was W-O-N-D-E-R-F-U-L !!! .....The two guides, Micha & Jim, as well as the sense of direction and detail provided by World Spirit, were so much appreciated, and all at a very reasonable cost on the part of World Spirit. I previously lived in SE Asia for 10 years I was looking for a way to 'crack the India code' because of the influence of India on those places, especially religiously. The Tour did that I had had one trip to India in 1986, but on my own, and got nothing close to what I got from the World Sprit tour. You have one very satisfied customer here..... '
Greg - Jan 2005
' I did have the most amazing time with Jim in India I learned so much and had some wonderful experiences Jim was a great 'guide' and teacher '
Annie - Jan 2004
' I enjoyed Tamil Nadu very greatly, and got on very well with Jim....Jim's outlook is exactly mine, and we had some good talks The Tour was very successful ...experiences in the temples were treasures about which there is nothing meaningful I can say here The Sri Ramana connection is most important.... '
Hillary - Jan 2004
' It was such a wonderful tour - definitely all that I had hoped it would be - it showed me a side of India that I had always 'known' was there but had never truly experienced before James was a brilliant guide and great companion, just as you said he would be, and I'm so very pleased that I had the chance to meet and travel with him Thank you again for all your help, and for putting together such a unique and magical journey...... '
Julia - Feb 2003
' ....being in Tiruvannamalai was incredible.....I loved going up to the shrine on the hill and sitting quietly...I just seemed to spontaneously come out with all my questions and thoughts and feelings about spirituality - what I thought I knew / what I didn't know / what I needed to know, and I felt like the answers were coming right back at me in a way that was just right for my individual level and method of understanding things Things became clear in a way that I haven't really experienced before I'm still trying to process the whole experience and hope to be able to make a difference in my everyday life on my return to England In some ways. I feel that what I learnt....was precisely what I came to India for
Thank you ! .............seeing that little ad and making contact has been a real blessing !!! '
Anna - Jan 2002
' My friend and I recently experienced World Spirit's South Indian Temple Tour and couldn't have been more delighted with it!
Along with our highly knowledgeable and generous World Spirit guide, Jim - an American who's been living in India and studying its spiritual traditions for thirty years - we often found ourselves to be the only Westerners amongst hundreds (at times, thousands) of worshipers at the amazing, off-the-beaten-track-for-tourists Hindu temples we visited. This translated into a wholly authentic, intimate, and profound experience of spiritual India - just what we were hoping for! '
Fern - Feb 2001

The Golden Arc
Burma or Laos/ Cambodia/Indonesia

' We were delighted to see that your company has such a responsible attitude towards tourism in Burma and hope that more companies will follow your example in adopting an ethical approach to tourism '
Anna Roberts, Campaigns Officer, The Burma Campaign UK - June 2001