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Paypal is recommended for deposit payments, normally £25-£50

But please confirm your Course/Tour reservation before placing a deposit

Paypal is convenient and allows payment by card but, other than for small amounts, 
a Paypal payment is expensive - please check the percentages below carefully. 
In addition, your card may charge an extra amount for a foreign exchange transaction.

For larger amounts, we recommend bank transfers to our Pound, Euro and US Dollar bank accounts. A bank transfer to these accounts might also be the cheapest method for
other currencies. Please make contact with us to obtain our bank details for transfers.

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Paypal Transaction Charges :
Deposits per person : UK £26.00 - Europe USA Canada £26.25 - Australia £26.50 
For Course & Tour Fees add : UK 3.5% - Europe USA Canada 4.5% - Australia 5.5%

Your card will convert from Pounds into your currency

Once a year or so, we email clients who have contacted us previously with a
general summary of our activities. Occasional notifications are sent to the
various sections (Taiko, Loutro, Kyoto etc) whenever new course or travel
schedules are posted online. We do not forward contact details to third parties
and there are no external ads or cookies on our website. 

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