for all those who love italy 
for those inspired by the arts or for anyone that just happens to be interested 
'aromazzata', a play on the Italian word for flavoured,
 offers a moment to indulge 'the theatre of beauty' 
to reflect upon the wonders of the human creation,
to appreciate that life is a wonderful gift, to be savoured to the full.

Thurs Oct 10 to Sat Oct 12, 2024
Talks (T)
- Lunch (L) - Dinner (D)

Based on a 3 night stay
(Arrivals -Thurs am / Departures Sun am)

Thurs Oct 10:
T - The Artists I
- Leonardo/Michelangelo - Centro Storico - 18.00
D - Centro Storico – Casual Dining 19.30

Fri Oct 11:
T - Italian Food Culture I - Mercato Centrale - 10.30
L - Termini Market

T - The Artists II - Raphael/Caravaggio - Centro Storico - 18.00
D - Centro Storico – Intimate Venue

Sat Oct 12:
T - Italian Food Culture II - Testaccio - 10.30
L – Testaccio – local Trattoria

T - Republic & Empire - from the Oath of Brutus to Hadrian - Centro Storico - 18.00
D - Centro Storico - Intimate venue


Within the above schedule are two further options :

Arty – Talks : Thurs eve / Fri Eve / Sun morn
Elyssa’s talks are designed to focus on Rome’s rich artistic heritage, with free days on the Friday & Saturday to visit artworks and locations mentioned during the talks.
Foody – Talks : Fri morn / Sat morn – 
Wendy’s culinary talk & Eleonora’s Testaccio morning should whet the appetite for exploring the varied components of Roman & Italian cuisine over the four lunches & four dinners on the schedule. 

Cafes & Restaurants - Backing up these talks is a well-researched menu of great cafes and restaurants for clients to choose from. We are confident that we have made a very good selection.
Just let us know your budget and preferences and we will book tables for you to suit. Joining others for meals after the talks should be not unpleasant. 

Eating Regime – it is almost impossible not to overeat whilst in Rome, so with lunch and dinner as the definite priorities, we advise as follows :
- book room only accommodation without breakfast 
- juice, coffee and plain croissant – continental breakfast maximum 
– day plan : starter and main for lunch - main and dessert for dinner – or vice versa
- an eating plan like this is also a budget plan – E50-E70 a day approx.. 

Event Hosts :

Elyssa Bernard - We are very fortunate to have with us Elyssa from
the RomeWise website, who will be giving the art based talks :
Elyssa is extremely knowledgeable about Rome and its history, has a
very informal, chatty, easy on the ear speaking style, and is a lovely
person to be with.

Wendy Holloway from Flavor of Italy will be giving the 'foodie' talk on
the Friday :

Eleonora Baldwin of Casa Mia will be giving the Testaccio talk, followed by lunch at a local trattoria :

The talks last a notional 90 minutes

rome - with its huge history, its magnificent architecture and its long tradition of artistic excellence, rome is one of the world's great showpiece, where people from all over the world gravitate for just a few days in their lives, to play their part on the grandest of stages, the human drama writ large, the eternal city……. 

against this stunning backdrop, 'aromazzata' brings the palaces, churches and piazzas to life with a series of talks on the movers and shakers in rome's great history……. the stories of the men, the women, the artists, emperors, donnas and popes that served to create the inspiring works of art and the wonderful spectacle that we are privileged to witness today 

and so that we may savour the flavours of rome to the full in the present moment, there is an almost sinful menu of cafes and restaurants to savour … a product of extensive, almost exhaustive research on the ground, a pizza free, snob free, trip advisor free process….. hundreds of cafes and restaurants recommended by all the main food writers and travel publications vetted, visited, tasted, selected, …… for a variety of reasons : authenticity, ambience, tranquillity, buzz…. an eclectic mix of classical, concept, earthy, showy venues array themselves ….. even teasing out one or two unheralded gems along the way …… eating more casually once or twice ….. perhaps at one of the markets…. maybe a caffe crawl, a dolci dulge….. 

it is italy, it is food in italy, and a high standard of italian cuisine generally applies but this is not a michelin star-gazing foodie venture. rather it is about the great joy of dining on good food in great places, the tone, grateful, celebratory….. each day wonderful, different 

some rather modest fees are involved to cover some of the admin, otherwise espirita is putting it together for no other reason than it's a wonderful thing to do


pranzo e cena :

10.00-10.30 café / drinks
10.30-12.00 morning talk
12.00-12.30 site visit     13.00-14.00 light lunch

18.00-18.30 café / drinks
18.30-20.00 evening talk
20.00-22.00 dinner / dolci / nightlife

attendance at all meals is voluntary
light lunch - pasta, salad or starter / dolci-caffe
talks start on time - devices off please


restaurant reservations – whilst we offer a range of restaurants from Thursday lunch to Sunday dinner on our schedule, especially for evening meals, many couples will prefer to dine by themselves. We are quite happy to make restaurant reservations for you at other venues than on our list, or on different nights at the venues we use…. if so, please indicate type of restaurant, budget etc…… . Our restaurant reservations are for named parties who receive a detailed schedule upon reservation and are requested to arrive at restaurants without unreserved third parties.

meal prices - guests pay individually and a typical restaurant bill, excl. drinks, should be between E20-30 (light lunch) and E30-40 (2 course dinner) we have paid close attention to meal costs and good value lunch and dinner options have been built into the schedule at various points, with some simple cost saving measures to observe   payment - far the easiest and quickest way to settle a group bill individually is to do so in cash.

dining - much as we all love to eat outside, unfortunately ‘vietato fumare’ inside restaurants means that the outdoor tables can get colonised by smokers. and, much as we all love music, with many centro storico restaurants, there is a steady stream of hawkers, hustlers and buskers intruding. it varies by location but on both these counts, or should it be too hot or too wet, we might repair to the sanctuary of indoor tables. talk & meal attendance is subject to an upper limit of about 10 persons

regime pause - the discussion of all dieting regimes should be postponed until after the return from rome…… complex diets - italian cuisine caters pretty well for vegetarians, but stricter regimes will find some of the restaurant menus rather difficult…... being dedicated to the art of pleasure
we very much hope that our clients will fully avail themselves of the fruit of the vine, whilst otherwise imbibing respectfully

aromazzata - application
T - £25 per talk per person – restaurant reservations gratis 

1. choose your time & day :
- choose from the list of talks and meals above 
- meal reservations to be confirmed by 6.00 pm the previous day

2. email application :
- apply by email to :
- the application should state the time(s) and day(s) requested
- if attending the meal(s) after the talk(s)
- the name(s)of the guest(s)

3. we reply by email :
- confirming availability for the dates requested

4. payment / confirmation :
- payment then takes place via the paypal link on the espirita website
- we confirm the reservation for the named parties by email,
- with full details of the location and schedule for the day(s) selected

cancellations - refunds are not possible from the Monday of any Rome week

early may ? - early may should normally offer pleasantly warm early summer conditions, occasionally hot during the day, occasionally cool in the evenings october ? - early october in rome should avoid the sometimes sweltering heat of september. temperatures in the mid 20’s, maybe cool in the evenings. early may and early october - are particularly popular times so one can expect a high turnout from the world’s population and accommodation should be reserved as soon as practicable. the endless sunshine of spain or greece cannot be assumed and occasional rain is always possible in italy.

flights / transport - all clients make their own flight and accommodation reservations, as appropriate to their tastes and budgets. there are two airports serving rome - fiumicino and ciampino - from where it is a E48/ E35 fixed fare taxi ride to the city centre. there is a very good online travel planner in rome, - - which integrates the bus, tram and subway system. the nearest subway station to centro storico is ‘spagna’ in the via del corso area, c.10 mins walk to the pantheon - taxis in rome are reasonably priced

accommodation - with most of the talks and meals being in the centro storico, depending on budget,
staying in the centro storico would be convenient and more or less walkable to each evening venue - if the accommodation is too pricey, it's not far to walk from trastevere and testaccio is a E10-E12 taxi ride away. all options, including commuting from nearby parts of the city should be investigated.

length of stay - the arterati concept takes the view that 3-4 days / 4-5 nights is the optimum length for a city break….. rome is certainly interesting and enjoyable enough to merit such a visit

The Economist - 20 May 2017 :

'Just a turn of the head from the roof of Rome's city hall is sufficient to take
in Trajan's Column, the Forums, the Colosseum, the Palatine Hill and the
Circus Maximus - all against a backdrop of the blue-grey Apennine mountains.
This may be the world's greatest, and most beautiful, open-air museum.' 


For general viewing, for viewing whilst in Italy……… 

Passeggiata - a day in the Theatre of Beauty - 70 mins

Streaming - Free

Saint-Emilion - the Bordeaux Appelation 2013-2015 - 111 mins

Streaming - Free

For more information, contact espirita by email

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