Stewart Wills

Whilst at Stowe and University College London and whilst working for over 25 years as a Company Director in the commercial world, Stewart travelled extensively in his free time, in what gradually became a worldwide journey to the places of greatest cultural, natural and spiritual power. Alongside this journey came an interest in world literature, world music and arts, as part of a deeper enquiry into the essence of any particular culture. 

He initiated, produced and directed the Inspirita documentary films project, 2000-2014, covering the world's main cultural forms, as well as originating and producing photography books on Britain and a year in the life of the world. Stewart also managed and produced various music recordings as part of the world culture project and, at an earlier stage in the mid-1990s, recorded various collections of his own songs.

Shikoku Bridge, Kobe

A political free thinker, for the last 40 years Stewart has not voted at local or national level for the three main parties in the UK ( Labour, Conservative, Liberal /Democrats ) though occasionally supporting minority candidates when on the slate. Concluding that true independence requires complete clarity of mind, accordingly, he has abjured from alcohol and all other intoxicants for over 30 years.

After the first visit to Japan in 1982, the Japanese garden at his home on the outskirts of Manchester was begun - a garden of great beauty and tranquillity which was featured on national television during the 2003 Chelsea Flower Show. Various high quality arts events have been organised at the house for a variety of charitable and beneficial purposes.

Other interests include music and the arts, songwriting, sports, interior design, trying to keep spiritually and physically healthy and the mystery of relationships. Secretary of a local Amnesty International group for 7-8 years, on the founding committee of the Japanese Garden Society of Great Britain, and initiating and active in various local and neighbourhood projects.

red lipstick and the basking iguana 
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TRAVEL CV (Number of visits in brackets)

Europe - Italy (18-21) France (9-10) Germany (3) Holland (4-5) Belgium (3-4) Norway (9-10) Sweden, Finland, Denmark (2) Ireland (4-5) Scotland & Islands (15-18) Switzerland, Austria, Poland, Czech Rep, Greece (4) Crete (20-22) Turkey, Yugoslavia, Sardinia, Portugal, Spain (10-12)

Africa & Middle East - Morocco (2) Egypt (4) Palestine (3) Israel (4) Jordan, Kenya, Namibia, Zanzibar, Zimbabwe (4) Botswana (5) South Africa (4) Ghana (5) Tunisia (4)


Getting away from it all in Loutro?

Asia & Australasia - India (10) Sri Lanka (2) Thailand (4-5) Cambodia, Indonesia (7) Bali (4) Laos (2) Burma (2) Malaysia (2) China (4), Japan (15 + ) New Zealand, Hong Kong, Australia (6) Tasmania, Maldives, Nepal, Viet Nam (4), S Korea, French Polynesia

Americas – Canada (2) USA (18-21) Hawaii, Mexico (4) Guatemala (2) Grand Cayman, Ecuador, Peru (2) Chile (4) Patagonia (3) Bolivia, Argentina (2), Brazil


Macchu Picchu, Peru Tikal, Guatemala